What a wonderful treat it was to capture The Wantenaar family recently, who booked a baby photo session for their newborn son Sven. They brought their beloved show dog, Boo, a magnificent, energetic, delightfully loving and playful Golden Retriever. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such excitement in studio before, but it was a huge joy having Boo there. He is clearly so adored by everyone and posed so lovingly with his family. Boo has a very special bond with his “siblings, Ivanka and little Sven”. I still smile when I think of Boo, who after an hour of posing and lying still, gave me this sorrowful look as if to say “are we not done yet?” After a few tasty treats, he wagged his fluffy tail again. Sven’s name is of Swedish origin and means “young warrior.”


Baby Sven