I met PKay at two of her cousins weddings which I had captured so I was thrilled when she asked me to capture photos of her newborn son, Phemelo, who was just 9 days old. He is such a sweet angel and an absolute joy to photograph. Phemelo’s name is a combination of his mom (Phakama) and dad’s (Tumelo). The meaning of his name is “Under God’s protection” in Tswana. Now that is something special.

newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1859 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1862 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1863 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1865 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1875 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1878 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1879 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1881 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1884 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1885 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1886 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1887 newborn-phemelo-candice-dollery-photography_1889

“I am completely speechless. Your work is AMAZING! I love your packaging too. Thank you once again for your patience and the wonderful photo shoot experience.” … Phakama and Tumelo – East London, Eastern Cape

Newborn Phemelo