In the bible, rain usually speaks of Blessings, so when Siya and Nkulu’s much anticipated wedding day arrived, it didn’t just rain…. it poured non-stop, all day long. The gale force wind and 14 degree temperature did not deter anyone from enjoying this incredible day to the absolute fullest. When we arrived at Cypress Dale, we were welcomed by the coziness and warmth of the mushroom heaters, fairy lights and candle light. Guests mingled around the heaters, chatting and warming their hands, before the lovely bride arrived in a gorgeous classic vehicle. The ceremony was intimate, and I soon learned that Nkulu and Siya both have such a great sense of humour. Their personal vows touched all our hearts and Siya stroked her hubby-to-be’s back as Nkulu wiped some tears away (tears of love, joy and happiness). As I listened to Siya’s meaningful vows, we had a chuckle when she mentioned that she was now ready for more babies, and in the moment, my eye caught the movement of their young son, Akwande, who was hiding behind a large flower arrangement, smiling and watching his parents tie the knot in total awe. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your beautiful wedding day, may God continue to Bless you abundantly for always xoxo

Siya and Nkulu met in January 2010 in Jhb CBD while she was waiting for a taxi. This is their story she shared with me: “Nkulu jumped in the taxi after me and when I refused to give him my number, he tore a piece of paper from his work diary, wrote his number on, and quickly threw it into my bag as I was about to climb out. Three weeks later I found the crumpled up piece of paper in my bag and after plucking up some courage I called him and he ecstatically replied “Oh your’e the cheeky Xhosa girl in the denim dress who has stolen my heart.” That was the beginning of something beautiful. In June 2012, our son, Akwande was born and enriched our lives so greatly. A few months later, in the wee hours he woke “grumpy me”, a cup of coffee in hand and said “I have a surprise for you.” ┬áHe left and returned with the loveliest bunch of flowers and insisted that I quickly put them into a vase of water. As I unwrapped the flowers, a pretty box fell out….. In 2013 we held a small intimate wedding ceremony with our families present, and on our 5th wedding Anniversary we held our white wedding on the 10 August 2018….. “We laugh a lot, at each other and just about life in general. No matter what life throws at us, with God on our side, we can conquer anything”.

Siya & Nkulu