Petite and pretty Thokozani, recently married her sweetheart Ndibu, in the Methodist Church in Mthatha. Many friends and family filled the spacious Church to celebrate the union of this lovely young couple. The ceremony was a happy and joyful one and many happy tears were shed. I saw many familiar faces of clients and bridal couples whom I had photographed in years past. We chose to use the lush gardens at the Holiday Inn for our photo session and managed to capture all the photos just in the nick of time before we felt some rain drops fall. The reception was grand and there were over 300 guests that came from near and far to join in the celebration of this memorable occasion. TK and Ndibu’s speeches were so deep and heartfelt and when they spoke of each other, they touched the hearts of everybody present. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day and may God pour all his warmth and care on your journey ahead as husband and wife.

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TK & Ndibu