I could write so much about this wonderful young couple, who asked me to capture both their white and traditional weddings – a stunning 2 day affair. They embraced me warmly and their family showered Leigh and I with their kindness and hospitality. By day two, at their traditional wedding, at Zipho’s scenic country homestead in Newtown, near Qunu (Transkei), I felt very much like part of their family. Here is their incredible love story and proposal in Zipho’s words.

“The proposal was one of the most beautiful moments in our relationship. A life changing moment, an unquestionable seal of our commitment to each other. The proposal took place on my graduation day on the 16th of December 2014. My grandmother and mother, the most meaningful ladies who raised me, witnessed the proposal. I had bought her a tailored ring during my final year of university. Pink tourmaline graces this ornate ring, crafted white gold and encrusted with diamond. Zimasa has always wanted to have unique proposal, away from the clutter of the city or the presence of a waiter in some hotel restaurant.

We arrived at Kirstenbosch gardens and I took her for a walk, hand in hand. We arrived at my romantic setting and she was blown away. On the table was a bouquet of red and white roses, red roses were for my undying love for her, a rose among the thorns and the white roses symbolise purity. The bed of rose petals mirrors that we are beautiful pieces, knitted together. Chocolate resembles our friendship and companionship. I knelt down, declared my love for her and asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes and I gracefully slipped the ring onto her finger. Now here we are about to get married, at Inkwenkwezi Private Game Resort (where the lush lands and garden scenery are a hidden gem), soon to be husband and wife.”

“God put the man to deep sleep and carved from a part of him a beautiful companion for him.”

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Zipho & Zimasa