Yamnkela and her bridal party chose a grandeur looking B & B in Vincent Heights to prepare for her wedding day. It was a beautiful morning with much excitement in the air. Yamnkela has a gentle, calm spirit and is a gracious and warm lady. When I arrived at the B & B, I noticed the stunning formal lounge area which had a rich, opulent, Victorian feel to it and decided this would be the perfect location for some pre-wedding portraits of the lovely bride. Her groom, David, is from Ghana, and a pastor in the Doers Ministry. It was wonderful to witness another beautiful mix of cultures, a union of two unique families and traditions coming together. David is a distinguished gentleman, who clearly adores his beautiful bride. I enjoyed the “in-between” moments where Yamnkela and David would exchange loving glances at each other and giggle…it must be the sparkle in her eyes that makes David smile so much. Michelle at Cyperess Dale Wedding Farm created a gorgeous, soft and romantic setting, using Yamnkela’s theme colors of soft pastels in peach, cream, baby pink and champagne. Thank you David and Yamkela for trusting me to capture your wedding day. I enjoyed every moment and wish you both every happiness and joy as husband and wife. I love the following verse, taken from your Wedding Programme:

“My beloved is unto me as a cluster of camphire in the vineyards of Engedi.” – Song of Solomon 1:14

David & Yamkela_001 David & Yamkela_002 David & Yamkela_003 David & Yamkela_004 David & Yamkela_005 David & Yamkela_006 David & Yamkela_007 David & Yamkela_008 David & Yamkela_009 David & Yamkela_010 David & Yamkela_011 David & Yamkela_012 David & Yamkela_013 David & Yamkela_014 David & Yamkela_015 David & Yamkela_016 David & Yamkela_017 David & Yamkela_018 David & Yamkela_019 David & Yamkela_020 David & Yamkela_021 David & Yamkela_022 David & Yamkela_023 David & Yamkela_024 David & Yamkela_025 David & Yamkela_026 David & Yamkela_027 David & Yamkela_028 David & Yamkela_029 David & Yamkela_030 David & Yamkela_031 David & Yamkela_032 David & Yamkela_033 David & Yamkela_034 David & Yamkela_035 David & Yamkela_036 David & Yamkela_037 David & Yamkela_038 David & Yamkela_039 David & Yamkela_040 David & Yamkela_041 David & Yamkela_042 David & Yamkela_043 David & Yamkela_044 David & Yamkela_045 David & Yamkela_046 David & Yamkela_047 David & Yamkela_048 David & Yamkela_049 David & Yamkela_050 David & Yamkela_051 David & Yamkela_052 David & Yamkela_054 David & Yamkela_055 David & Yamkela_056 David & Yamkela_057 David & Yamkela_058 David & Yamkela_059 David & Yamkela_060 David & Yamkela_061 David & Yamkela_062 David & Yamkela_063 David & Yamkela_064 David & Yamkela_065 David & Yamkela_066 David & Yamkela_067 David & Yamkela_068 David & Yamkela_069 David & Yamkela_070 David & Yamkela_071 David & Yamkela_072 David & Yamkela_073 David & Yamkela_074 David & Yamkela_075 David & Yamkela_076 David & Yamkela_077 David & Yamkela_078 David & Yamkela_079 David & Yamkela_080 David & Yamkela_081 David & Yamkela_082jpg David & Yamkela_083

David & Yamnkela