Once again, Leigh and I were up before dawn, on another enjoyable road trip through the Transkei. Sisana and Mandisi held their white wedding in the picturesque village of Mvuzi, just 10km before Mount Frere in the Transkei. This is the hometown village where Sisana grew up. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by Xoli (another client of mine, and the bride’s cousin) who made us a fresh pot of delicious tea and some home made muffins. Soon thereafter Leigh headed down the road to capture pre-ceremony photos of Mandisi and his groomsmen. After the heartfelt and emotional ceremony, we followed the bride and groom over some challenging terrain (my B-Class had to pretend it was a Jeep), to Sisana’s favourite place, where as a little girl, she and her friends and siblings would run barefoot across the plains, and swim care freely in the stream below, surrounded by breathtaking rugged cliffs and crags. Today we witnessed Sisana’s excitement as she hurriedly tossed off her wedding shoes and ran down the hill towards the stream below. Once she reached the bottom, she quickly picked up her wedding dress to her knees and skipped barefoot across the rocks and through the water. It took Mandisi and the bridal party a minute or two to catch up with this happy-go-lucky bride, who was clearly in her element. In fact, once we reached the bottom, Leigh and I immediately understood why this place was so special to her. The majestic, rugged cliffs were softened by reeds at the water’s edge and the rolling green hills surrounded us on all sides. It was the perfect location for their creative photo shoot. Afterwards we were greeted at the reception by horsemen on their spirited, galloping steeds, adorned in traditional regalia, much to the crowd’s delight and entertainment. The reception was held under a large white marquee tent and Leigh and I stole a few minutes throughout the evening to play with two very frisky juvenile dogs, which we wanted to take home with us. At one point a little rooster, with some serious attitude marched by us in a determined fashion, and we couldn’t resist capturing a few pics of him too. I met the cutest little boy, about 3 years old, who enjoyed winking at me, so Leigh captured a sweet moment of us winking back at her behind the lens. The day was amazing, from beginning to end. We stayed overnight at Dan’s country lodge in high spirits, ready for the next day’s traditional ceremony in Butterworth. Thank you Sisana and Mandisi for sharing your special day with us and to Leigh, for your friendship and contribution to yet another successful wedding day. I enjoyed your company and the many fits of laughter we had on our journey back.

Mandisi & Sisana_9264 Mandisi & Sisana_9266 Mandisi & Sisana_9268 Mandisi & Sisana_9269 Mandisi & Sisana_9270 Mandisi & Sisana_9271 Mandisi & Sisana_9272 Mandisi & Sisana_9273 Mandisi & Sisana_9274 Mandisi & Sisana_9276 Mandisi & Sisana_9277 Mandisi & Sisana_9278 Mandisi & Sisana_9278a Mandisi & Sisana_9278b Mandisi & Sisana_9279 Mandisi & Sisana_9280 Mandisi & Sisana_9281 Mandisi & Sisana_9282 Mandisi & Sisana_9282a Mandisi & Sisana_9283 Mandisi & Sisana_9284 Mandisi & Sisana_9285 Mandisi & Sisana_9286 Mandisi & Sisana_9287 Mandisi & Sisana_9288 Mandisi & Sisana_9289 Mandisi & Sisana_9290 Mandisi & Sisana_9291 Mandisi & Sisana_9292 Mandisi & Sisana_9293 Mandisi & Sisana_9294 Mandisi & Sisana_9295 Mandisi & Sisana_9296 Mandisi & Sisana_9297 Mandisi & Sisana_9298 Mandisi & Sisana_9299 Mandisi & Sisana_9300 Mandisi & Sisana_9302 Mandisi & Sisana_9303 Mandisi & Sisana_9304 Mandisi & Sisana_9305 Mandisi & Sisana_9306 Mandisi & Sisana_9307 Mandisi & Sisana_9308 Mandisi & Sisana_9309 Mandisi & Sisana_9310 Mandisi & Sisana_9310a Mandisi & Sisana_9311 Mandisi & Sisana_9312 Mandisi & Sisana_9313 Mandisi & Sisana_9314 Mandisi & Sisana_9315 Mandisi & Sisana_9316 Mandisi & Sisana_9318 Mandisi & Sisana_9319 Mandisi & Sisana_9320 Mandisi & Sisana_9321 Mandisi & Sisana_9322 Mandisi & Sisana_9323 Mandisi & Sisana_9324 Mandisi & Sisana_9325 Mandisi & Sisana_9326 Mandisi & Sisana_9327 Mandisi & Sisana_9328 Mandisi & Sisana_9329 Mandisi & Sisana_9330 Mandisi & Sisana_9331 Mandisi & Sisana_9332 Mandisi & Sisana_9333 Mandisi & Sisana_9334 Mandisi & Sisana_9335 Mandisi & Sisana_9336 Mandisi & Sisana_9337 Mandisi & Sisana_9338 Mandisi & Sisana_9339 Mandisi & Sisana_9340 Mandisi & Sisana_9341 Mandisi & Sisana_9342 Mandisi & Sisana_9343 Mandisi & Sisana_9344 Mandisi & Sisana_9345 Mandisi & Sisana_9346 Mandisi & Sisana_9347 Mandisi & Sisana_9348 Mandisi & Sisana_9349 Mandisi & Sisana_9350 Mandisi & Sisana_9351 Mandisi & Sisana_9352 Mandisi & Sisana_9353 Mandisi & Sisana_9354 Mandisi & Sisana_9355 Mandisi & Sisana_9356 Mandisi & Sisana_9357 Mandisi & Sisana_9358 Mandisi & Sisana_9359 Mandisi & Sisana_9360 Mandisi & Sisana_9361 Mandisi & Sisana_9362 Mandisi & Sisana_9363 Mandisi & Sisana_9367 Mandisi & Sisana_9368 Mandisi & Sisana_9369 Mandisi & Sisana_9370 Mandisi & Sisana_9371 Mandisi & Sisana_9372 Mandisi & Sisana_9373 Mandisi & Sisana_9374 Mandisi & Sisana_9375 Mandisi & Sisana_9376 Mandisi & Sisana_9377 Mandisi & Sisana_9378 Mandisi & Sisana_9379 Mandisi & Sisana_9380 Mandisi & Sisana_9381 Mandisi & Sisana_9382 Mandisi & Sisana_9383 Mandisi & Sisana_9384 Mandisi & Sisana_9385 Mandisi & Sisana_9386 Mandisi & Sisana_9387 Mandisi & Sisana_9388 Mandisi & Sisana_9389

Mandisi & Sisana